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let me be entertaining

Friday, 23 April 2004

this site has moved

Posted by darkfaeryglitter at 2:05 PM CDT

Thursday, 20 November 2003


Posted by darkfaeryglitter at 9:17 PM CST
Updated: Thursday, 20 November 2003 9:23 PM CST

we have two ends
with a common link
with one we sit
with one we think
success depends
on what we use
heads we win
tails we lose

Posted by darkfaeryglitter at 6:00 PM CST

you have no privacy or freedom in america it's a fake utopia
I'm a 32 year-old american female. I love my country. I love the land where my home sits and I want to protect it, even if that means protecting it from my own country. Let me tell you about a few 4 letter words that will affect how you live: RIAA, MPAA, RFID...
Let's start with, What is RFID:
" A new consumer goods tracking system called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is poised to enter all of our lives, with profound implications for consumer privacy. RFID couples radio frequency (RF) identification technology with highly miniaturized computers that enable products to be identified and tracked at any point along the supply chain.
The system could be applied to almost any physical item, from ballpoint pens to toothpaste, which would carry their own unique information in the form of an embedded chip.3 The chip sends out an identification signal allowing it to communicate with reader devices and other products embedded with similar chips.
Analysts envision a time when the system will be used to identify and track every item produced on the planet.
RFID employs a numbering scheme called EPC (for "electronic product code") which can provide a unique ID for any physical object in the world. 6 The EPC is intended to replace the UPC bar code used on products today. 7

Unlike the bar code, however, the EPC goes beyond identifying product categories--it actually assigns a unique number to every single item that rolls off a manufacturing line. 8 For example, each pack of cigarettes, individual can of soda, light bulb or package of razor blades produced would be uniquely identifiable through its own EPC number. 9

Once assigned, this number is transmitted by a radio frequency ID tag (RFID) in or on the product. 10 These tiny tags, predicted by some to cost less than 1 cent each by 2004, 11 are "somewhere between the size of a grain of sand and a speck of dust." 12 They are to be built directly into food, clothes, drugs, or auto-parts during the manufacturing process. 13 " - Excerpted from: RFID: Tracking everything, everywhere
by Katherine Albrecht, CASPIAN Founder
found here:

fight for your right to be free!

Posted by darkfaeryglitter at 4:55 PM CST

today's lesson
keep your mouth shut and you will hear more and people will have less to use against you later....

Posted by darkfaeryglitter at 12:49 AM CST

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